Leadership & Counselor in Training

Our goal for the Leadership & Counselor in Training (CIT) program is to provide an enjoyable and safe summer experience appropriate for children entering grades 7-9 in the fall. The experience will include leadership training and the opportunity to assume some daily responsibilities at Jefunira Camp, along with the fun and excitement that accompany the rest of our summer program. It is our hope that the CIT campers will begin to develop some of the skills that will allow them to assume additional leadership positions in the future, perhaps as counselors at Jefunira Camp!

Participants in the Leadership/CIT program will be considered leadership campers at Jefunira Camp. It is important to remember that CITs are considered campers, not staff.  CITs will always be supervised and supported by Jefunira Camp staff members.

At times, CITs will work together in their own group under the supervision of a Jefunira Camp staff member. They will use this time to meet and bond with other CITs; to learn how to help with the various camp games, activities, and responsibilities; and to receive feedback and support in their role as camp leaders. In addition to these training periods, the primary responsibility of the CITs will be to assist the directors and the staff of Jefunira Camp.  We will provide opportunities for CITs to enjoy the richness of the activities and events that Jefunira Camp offers.

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