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Jefunira Camp Palo Alto
Nixon Elementary School,
1711 Stanford Ave, Stanford, CA 94305
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Typical Day

One of the qualities that define Jefunira Camp is the variety of activities.  Campers have an opportunity to do a little bit of everything.  Because we have such an amazing variety of unique activities, it is a bit challenging to describe the typical day.  However we are going to try.  Below is the basic schedule of the day.  While the activities vary greatly, the basic schedule remains the same each day.  This helps to give each child a sense of structure and predictability.   

8:00 AM – PRE-CAMP CARE : For parents who need to get a little earlier start on the day or for campers who just can’t wait for the fun to begin, we offer pre-camp care. 

9:00 AM  - WARM UPS: This is a great opportunity for campers to transition into the day.  Kids who wake up five minutes after they arrive at camp can start the day with a quiet activity and kids who manage to drink half of mom’s or dad’s latte can start the day with a high energy activity.

9:20 AM – GROUP WELCOME AND GTKY: Campers join their color group for some fun GTKY activities.  Oh yeah, some of you might not know what GTKY is . . . Get To Know You.  One of the many ways we work to make sure everyone feels comfortable and included at Jefunira Camp.

9:45 AM – ACTIVITY PERIOD 1: Ga-Ga or Giant Junk Art or Tons of Tag or Prison Ball…

10:30 AM – SNACK!!!!: Otter Pops, need we say more?!!  Well probably.  Camper have snack time with their color group.  Counselors use this as another opportunity for group bonding.  They will play quiet games, tell stories, have trivia bowls and more. 

10:45 AM – ACTIVITY PERIOD 2: Pizza and pretzel baking or House of Cards or Bennitch or Capture the Flag or Directors Scavenger Hunt…

11:45 AM – LUNCH: The whole camp eats together, so siblings can visit (or not : ) ), friends can visit and campers get a chance to hang out with counselors from other color groups. 

1:00 PM – ACTIVITY PERIOD 3: Tip the Bucket or Wacky Relays or Rock and Soak…

2:00 PM – STORY TIME:  A camper (and parent) favorite. 

3:00 PM – DISMISSAL: Pick up your camper and hear about all of the fun he/she had at Jefunira Camp. 

3:00 PM – 5:30 PM – POST CAMP CARE: For parents who need to get in a little more time at work or for campers who just want to extend their fun camp day, we offer post camp care.

Generally, campers do morning activites with their color group.  Afternoon activities are often all camp activities.  These are great opportunities for children to see siblings or friends in other groups. 

**  JUNIOR CAMP has a slightly different schedule.  The day begins and ends at the same time.  But the activity periods are shorter and more breaks are built into the day.