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For Our Parents

For Our Parents 2017-01-13T06:29:47+00:00

The best camps have the best staffs.  This is why we invest so much into finding the best, training and supporting the best people.  Here is what we look for in our staff:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Passion for working with children
  • Energy, enthusiasm, and caring
  • Strong work ethic
  • A desire to learn and grow

All staff members are thoroughly screened by way of:

  • Written application
  • Interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Biometric-based criminal background checks
  • Checks of the National Sex Offender Public Registry (NSOPR)

Staff members receive extensive training prior to the start of camp and staff development continues throughout the summer. We know that no programming can be successful unless there are caring, enthusiastic and motivated counselors to implement it and ensure that every child has a great experience. We also know that even if you hire the best people, if they are not supported, they will likely not be successful. For that reason, we have a core of directors on site at all times. It is the director’s job to support, supervise and train the counselors in a way that allows our staff to provide an exceptional experience for all children who attend Jefunira Camp.

Our staff-to-camper ratio is approximately one-to-seven which allows each camper to receive individual attention. Counselors work in teams of three, with each member being at least college age. Each summer we have a large number of staff returning from the previous summer.  It is our amazing staff, coupled with our unique programming, that creates the unforgettable Jefunira Camp experience.

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