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Our Staff

Our Staff 2018-07-15T18:57:00+00:00

A camp is only as good as its staff.  We want Jefunira Camp to be the best, so we make sure that we have the best staff.   Below is our amazing 2018 Jefunira Camp staff.

Andrew Vargha – Andrew went to Jefunira Camp for 11 years before becoming a counselor last summer.  He just completed his freshman year of college and is very excited to be returning to Jefunira for his second year as a counselor! After taking a year of sports journalism at Arizona State University, he’s decided to go into education and is now pursuing his teaching credential. In his free time, Andrew enjoys watching his local sports teams.  


Bella Devereaux –  Bella is a Palo Alto local; She is currently a second year at the University of British Columbia where she studies Forestry (environmental science!). In her spare time she enjoys: playing music with her brothers, hiking with her HUGE dog Osa, and exploring California. Bella recently traveled around Europe with her best friend! They explored Denmark, France, Amsterdam, and Croatia. Her favorite part of the trip was exploring different areas and eating different types of food! However, she is most excited to be a Jefunira Camp Counselor! Being a part of summer camps all her life, she’s eager to finally be a counselor. Bella is looking forward to a fun-filled summer!


Cas Caswell– Cas loves working with kids of all ages.  He is known as a happy, enthusiastic friend who helps others.  Whether he is setting up an interactive game or organizing activities, Cas is known as a cheerful leader with a broad smile and an optimistic attitude.  He is happy when he is developing a new game, learning a new song, or teaching a group an unknown fact about a musical like Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog.  He just completed his Freshman year at Bucknell University where he is studying Civil Engineering.  He is a long-time Jefunira camper who is especially excited about reliving the fun of stories and the index card building.



Ethan Davis – Ethan only attended camp for two years, but the memories made at camp are still with him today. After finishing his Sophomore year at the University of the Pacific, he’s back in the Bay and excited to be at camp once again. When not at camp, Ethan enjoys running, playing ultimate frisbee, and practicing his saxophone. He’s super excited to be running around with the campers this year and hopes that he can keep up with them!




Gabe Schacter-Brodie – Gabe grew up in Menlo Park and has been coming to Jefunira as a camper, CIT, junior counselor and counselor since he was nine years old. After a cold winter at the University of Michigan, he is excited to spend the summer in the sun playing all his favorite games at Jefunira!  Gabe is going into his junior year at Michigan and will be studying political science and history. He hopes to be a teacher one day. Outside of camp, Gabe likes to play sports, go on hikes, and spend time with his friends and family




Jake Foster – Jake has been coming to Jefunira Camp for many years and is very excited to return this summer as a counselor.  In the fall Jake will be attending Occidental and will be playing on their soccer team.





Jeff_GambleJeff Gamble – Jeff grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and came to the Bay Area in 19867 to attend Stanford University.  After college, he was planning to attend medical school but wanted to take some time off before jumping back into school.  His college roommate, Ira, was in a similar situation. Both had worked at camps for years and decided that they would love to run their own summer camp, so they started Jefunira Camp.  After several years, they amicable dissolved the partnership so that Ira could return to school and pursue his Ph.D. Jeff had found his passion in running Jefunira Camp and this year will be his 27th summer.  This year also marks Jeff’s and his family’s return to the Bay Area after three years of living in Bali, Indonesia during the offseason.


Jean Claverie


Kevin Wachs – Kevin is excited to celebrate his 17th summer at Jefunira Camp this year. He’s an avid Ultimate Frisbee player and a loyal Chicago Cubs and San Jose Sharks fan. He graduated from Santa Clara University in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Computer Science. This fall he will make the long trek to San Jose State University to continue his education with a Master’s in Statistics. His favorite activities at camp include GaGa, Tip the Bucket, and eating Otterpops. You’re most likely find him on the field trying to run away from a sunburn.





Kiki Kramer – Kiki can’t wait to start working at Jefunira Camp this summer. After ten years of attending as a camper, a counselor in training, and a junior counselor, this will be her first year as a counselor. Kiki’s favorite part of summer has always been coming to Jefunira Camp. She hopes to make as great an impact on the campers, as her past counselors had on her. Besides working with kids, Kiki’s biggest passion is performing. She enjoys singing, songwriting, and acting, and will be starting at New York University in the fall for a BFA in Drama.


Mary_McClainMary McClain – This summer will be Mary’s sixteenth year at Jefunira!  When not at Jefunira Camp Mary can be found playing with her one-year-old son, Owen; running around on the soccer field; reading a good book, or rooting for the SF Giants at AT&T Park!  Every activity at Jefunira is Mary’s favorite activity at camp but she thinks she is most looking forward to the peaceful calm during House of Cards and the hysterical laughter during Tip the Bucket.  You’ll be able to find her easily this summer in her unique tie-dye shirts or singing on the picnic table at story time.  She cannot wait to see the familiar faces of the returning campers and is so excited to meet all of the new friends who will be joining us this year.


Paul Bleich –  Paul just completed his freshman year at UCSB where he is studying physics.  His freshman year was very fun and rewarding, but probably not as fun and rewarding as working at Jefunira Camp.  





Robbie SteinbergRobbie Steinberg – This will be my 12th summer with Jefunira and I’m just as excited as the first!  When not working at camp I teach 3rd grade and will be teaching at Loyola Elementary in Los Altos this fall.  Favorite camp activities include anything that involves running, dodging, tagging, drawing, painting, getting wet, tie-dying, laughing, singing, frisbees, chalk, bubbles, sunshine and candy…. and eating and running and laughing….wait I think I already said those….Oh well. I love summer.



Sawyer Lythcott-Haimes – Sawyer goes to Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  He is planning to study Biology, more specifically Genetics. In his free time, he loves to read, go on walks, and play video games with his friends.  He’s been with Jefunira since he was a Blue Grouper, and he’s most looking forward to helping lead all-camp activities like Tip the Bucket. His favorite otter pop flavor would definitely be blue!



Sophie Bauer – Meet Sophie, Here are some fun facts about her!  She is a sophomore at Tulane University. She is studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in studio art. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, eat good food, draw, paint and walk her dog.  This is her first year at Jefunira! Sophie is most excited about meeting new people and playing outside this summer. Her favorite Otter Pop flavor is Pink AKA strawberry!!




Zoe Schacter-Brodie –  Zoe is excited to be returning to Jefunira Camp as a counselor.  She spent many summers as a camper, CIT, and Junior Counselor.