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Jefunira Camp was founded in 1991 by Jeff and Ira.

The story of Jefunira Camp starts in 1986 when I met my freshman roommate, Ira.  It turned out to be a pretty good match and we became close friends. After graduation, we wanted to take a break before heading off to graduate school.  Both of us loved working at summer camps and decided that we would start our own camp. Our first summer we had eight campers. The next summer we grew to 15 campers and hired our first counselor.

Initially, camp had a different name.  But because Ira and I were such big parts of camp, everyone called it Jeff and Ira camp. With a bit of imagination Jeff and Ira Camp became Jefunira Camp.  Around the time we changed the name to Jefunira Camp, we decided that running camp was something we wanted to do long term. In order to ensure that we are following all of the best practices and procedures of an outstanding camp, we decided to seek accreditation from the American Camp Association (ACA). Several years after we received our ACA Accreditation, we chose to become members of the Western Association of Independent Camp (WAIC). WAIC provides independent camp owners with a professional network and supports that help all members ensure that every camper has the best possible camp experience.

After several years of running the camp together, Ira decide that he was ready to return to graduate school. He went on to get his PhD. from Stanford University in Education.  Shortly after he left, I hired a counselor named Mary. After several years as a counselor, I offered Mary a director position. She accepted and this summer will be her 17th year at Jefunira Camp.  For many years, Mary worked at camp during the summer and taught elementary school in San Francisco during the off season. After she had her first child, she decided to leave teaching and come to work at Jefunira Camp full time.