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Our Story

Our Story 2016-12-01T06:22:08+00:00

Jefunira Camp was founding in 1991 by Jeff and Ira.  We were college roommates and spend several summers working together at camps.  Each of us had long histories of attending and working at camp.

After graduation, we wanted to take a break before heading off to graduate school.  We didn’t want to get office jobs, so we sat down and thought about what would be fun and rewarding.  We each loved working at summer camps and decided that we would start our own camp.

The first summer we had eight campers.  It was a blast.  The next summer it grew to about 15 campers and by the third summer we hired our first counselor.  It was around this time that we decided that we were having too much fun to go to graduate school and that we better come up with a name for our camp.  Because Ira and I were such big parts of camp, everyone call it Jeff and Ira camp.  With a bit of imagination and some slurring of works Jeff and Ira Camp became Jefunira Camp.

After several years of running the camp together, Ira decide that he was ready to return to graduate school. He went on to get his PhD. from Stanford University in Education.

Since then, Jefunira Camp has become a successful family-oriented camp; parents enroll their children year after year. Some of our campers who attended as children have even returned to us as counselors. We have had thousands of campers over the years and have enjoyed spending our summers with each and every one of them.

I look forward to spending another fun-filled summer at Jefunira Camp!

Jeff Gamble
Director, Jefunira Camp

Jeff and his dog