Welcome to JeFUNira Camp!

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 25th year of Jefunira Camp summer fun in 2016!!  

Jefunira Camp is built around an inclusive philosophy, and does not have an emphasis on any specific activity area, instead allowing campers to explore their interests in all activities without the pressure to be a master in any one.  We focus on play. This allows a budding Picasso to have a fabulous time on the soccer field and a future Lebron James to unleash their creativity and build a 10 story house out of index cards.

By  putting the emphasis on participation and encouraging kids to try a range of different activities, regardless of their previous experience, we create an environment where campers feel safe trying new things without worrying about the score or outcome.  Our updated version of the classic summer camp experience will captivate and engage your children!

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